Fortrose Pre-School
Fortrose Pre-School
Fortrose Pre-School

Founded in the early 1960s, Fortrose Pre-School provides Early Learning and Childcare through play and fun in a safe and happy environment.  


Fortrose Pre-School is regulated by the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland, and works in partnership with Highland Council to provide funded places for 3-5 year olds


“Through play, children practice and consolidate learning, play with ideas, and develop what they know. In their play children also dare to take risks, negotiate, solve problems, initiate, anticipate, rearrange, restate, reflect, integrate and consolidate their knowledge.”


Fortrose Pre-School is a registered charity and the responsibility for running the group rests with an elected Committee made up of parents and guardians. In 2000, the pre-school moved to the Black Isle Leisure Centre and Fortrose Pre-School Ltd was formed as a Company Limited by Guarantee.  


In September 2008, the Committee decided to pass management of the staff over to the Care And Learning Alliance (CALA) with whom we have been affiliated for some years.


As a committee-led pre-school, parents volunteer their time to take on administrative roles such as Chairperson and Treasurer and share out other tasks between Committee Members. This reduces running costs and allows the funds received from the Highland Council and fundraising to be used for additional members of staff so that our children have a 1:7 adult:child ratio (other local authority pre-schools generally have a 1:10 ratio).  We believe this gives our children as much care and attention as possible and gives them the best start to meeting their Early Learning and Childcare needs.

Enquiries and Contact Information


For general enquiries and information requests please contact Julie Kennedy our Administrator through


If you want to speak to the Senior Early Years Practitioner Catriena Forsyth please call the Preschool directly on 

01381 621622


Or if you have an enquiry regarding CALA and the preschool set up please contact Kathryn Allan either by phone 07522223754 or Email


The centre is run with the help of parents and a committee the current chairperson is Maru Fraser if you want to contact her please ask any of our staff memebers to help, point your in her direction.


To report absence or have a immediate enquiry please call the preschool direct on

01381 621622